Eight Great Small Business Podcasts

Podcast Player RecommendationsI love listening to podcasts.  Like many of you, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Podcasts allow me an opportunity to multitask while still learning and keeping up to date.  These days, it’s how I get most of my news.  I talked more about podcasts and their benefits in an earlier posts, so, I’m not going to focus on that here.  I want to spend this time looking at some podcasts that I have found, or that others have recommended.  My hope is that if you already listen to podcasts, I might be able to give you a few ideas of new podcasts to consider.  If you don’t listen now, maybe I can expose you to what’s out there and maybe I can provide you with a good starting point.
I’m going to go over eight of the podcasts that either I have enjoyed and learned from.  Being that time is always limited, I go back and forth keeping some podcasts, trying new ones and stopping a few that no longer seem to apply to me.  I expect this list to be somewhat dynamic.  This is a growing and changing landscape.  If you have any that you have found, please let me know so that I can let others know.
  1. The $100 MBA – Many podcasts are used to draw and create audiences into an ecosystem in hopes of eventually demonstrating enough value that your audience will buy some of your paid products.  This is actually a model that I like quite a bit.  We all want more customers, why not provide value and grow your following while trying to show potential and current customers what you can do to help them.  This podcast is no exception.  This is a podcast that provides quick business lessons from Omar Zenhom and guest teachers.  Omar has a background in education and structures each episode as a lesson.  They are quick, practical and have great value, regardless of your business model.  Their site, and its information, often make me wish I’d spent $100 on my MBA rather than what I did spend.
  2. Eventual Millionaire – Jamie Tardy, the host, started by wanting to explore traits that make millionaires successful.  She does this through interviews with various millionaires from different business models.  She covers all sorts of millionaires from all sorts of models and explores their habits and thinking that make them successful, ending each episode with actionable advice from the interviewee.  It’s interesting to explore the similarities and differences across the spectrum of her guests.  There are a few she has had on a few times and the differences and changes over time can be interesting as well to see what we can all learn as they grow.
  3. Marketplace – While not strictly a small business podcast, I find Marketplace a great overview of the economy and news related to the economy.  It’s a fairly quick podcast that can keep you up to date on the day’s happenings.  Every business owner needs to keep an eye on their surroundings and growing trends without the biased views all too common in many media outlets.  I find this fairly non-biased and the finance and economy focus help to keep awareness on what’s going on more broadly.
  4. Smart Passive Income – Hosted by a very likable Pat Flynn, who has built quite the brand for himself in the on-line space, Pat covers lifestyles, marketing and business models for small businesses.  Largely focused on the on-line space, he does have some lessons that apply more broadly.  If you’re looking for an on-line presences, definitely a great resource.  Another benefit to SPI is that it can help to introduce you to other resources in that space.
  5. Entrepreneur on Fire – A lot of great business lessons in here.  It’s a lot of content, which can be good and bad.  If you’re running on limited time, then that can be challenging. If you’re in the car a lot then it’s great.  In fact, that’s part of why John Lee Dumas started it.  He was driving a lot and found that he didn’t have enough content, so he wanted to create something that worked for people with his lifestyle.
  6. HBR Ideacast – From the Harvard Business Review, this is a cover of the latest research and trends in management. Some great ideas and information, though it doesn’t have quite the personality you see in other podcasts.  Terrific if you want facts and data.
  7. BizChix – Largely focused on women in business, this podcast does a great job of exploring the unique challenges and opportunities for women in business.  Natalie does a nice job of inspiring, exploring and challenging a variety of businesses and opportunities including successes, failure, pivots and often her own challenges as a business person, mom and wife.  There are even a number of lessons for those of us who are not of the fairer sex.
  8. Manager Tools – This is a great podcast for small and large business managers alike.  They do a great job of exploring the challenges of managers and giving direct, actionable advice with the rationale.  They bring lots of experience and repeatable guidance on many business challenges.
This is a constantly changing landscape with new resources.  These should be enough to get anyone started on listening to podcasts to keep themselves up to date on business and management advice. There are so many resources out there.  What do you listen to?  What have you found helpful?

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