Our Products and Services

Our Products

Image courtesy of Jorge Franganillo

Image courtesy of Jorge Franganillo

Here is our growing products list, many of which are in various stages of development.  These are in addition to our special projects that we do, which we expect to frequently develop into a more mainstream product for all of our customers.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  We want to hear from you!


myBizNotebook is your solution to wasting less time keeping track of business records like expenses, time sheets and mileage.  No more little scraps of paper, forgotten records or little notes to yourself.  It’s an easy, portable solution for keeping track of these important, but time consuming, events and creating reports for billing, book keeping or taxes.  Just a few extra miles per month and this pays for itself, not to mention the time you’ll save.  You can find more information here.

You can also take a look at the instructions for myBizNotebook.  They have screenshots and descriptions of the functionality.  We have collected some frequently asked questions (FAQ) for myBizNotebook.  You can find those here.  If we missed something, please let us know.

Data Protection for the Attorneys – Coming Soon

This is an e-book and supporting resources for attorneys and small law firms.  Recent changes by various regulatory agencies for processing residential mortgage closings could have a significant impact on small firms.  Some of the requirements are very technical and could be onerous.  We go through the technical requirements, breaking them down in understandable ways and present options.  We want to make sure that you can keep up your legal practice with minimal additional costs and hassles.

Outlook Cleaner Coming Soon

Are you tired of constantly cleaning out your Deleted Items or Sent Items only to figure out you needed one of those emails?  Don’t want the crippling slower performance of a full Inbox?  This application helps to manage this by automatically deleting emails, calendar events or other items that are packing your mailbox.  It cuts down on the time that you need to spend using the great big hammer to your mailbox by doing it surgically over time.  It deleted those standard emails that you regularly receive, pushing that time off that you need to do a wholesale cleaning of your Inbox.

Our Services

Let Us Help Your Business

We offer business operational and process improvements expertise. We are especially focused on leveraging data and automation to help you improve your business. We enjoy building small-scale software to help businesses work better and to help you find ways that you can operate better. Here are some of the services that we can help you with. Contact us and we can discuss what options we can offer you. There’s no cost to just discussing and to see if our services can benefit you.

Process Improvement

We can help you implement new processes, or improve old one (or maybe even eliminate a few. The return on your investment can be almost immediate and will continue to pay dividends as you scale.

Software Development

Have a need that isn’t on the market? We can work with you to build the solution that meets your needs, with a focus on getting to a positive ROI as soon as possible, while building a sustainable solution.  For more information, take a look at our Special Projects page.

Software Procurement

Before going through the expense and hassle of building your own software, let’s make sure that there isn’t already something out there that you can use. We will work with you to build out your requirements, survey the marketplace and identify any solutions that might meet your needs. In addition to the solution, we will also work with you to assess the vendor to ensure that they can continue to meet your needs. Frequently, for more complex software implementations, the vendor is as important as the software itself.

Software Contract Negotiations

Paying the upfront costs for software can be just the beginning. We will help you navigate the maze of terms for on-going support, levels of service, updates and all the other conditions that are unique to software sales.


Our founder, David Fuller, loves to speak to groups.  Generally, his speaking follows the same areas as our service areas below with focuses on software and process strategies.  He will work with you and your group to tailor to your needs.  He has experience as a keynote speaker, speaking on particular topics or in giving workshops.  This can be a great way to provide enrichment or development to your audience.