Developing Projects for Your Needs

Building Solutions to Meet Your Needs (Image Courtesy Loozrboy – Toronto, CA)


Building Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Got a Need?

Many small business have parts of their business that could benefit from automation. What complicated, lengthy or repetitive task do you and your staff do that drives you nuts?  We want to help.  Let us know if you have a need.  We can build software for your line of business in a quick, cost-effective way and help get rid of some of those things that need to be done but don’t need to take so much time.
These are projects for a client to help their business by improving productivity or automating repetitive tasks or analyses.

You develop software for small businesses?

We sure do. If you have a common pain point or something you or your employees have to do repetitively that costs you time or money, let’s look at it and see what we can do to help. We have been able to make simple technical solutions for some of you customers that have saved them hours of work.  That savings can be put back into generating more sales, save on payroll or any number of things that can improve your bottom line.

What kinds of solutions have you done? 
We have done a number of different solutions, many of which have later turned into products that we now use to help other business owners, which improves your support, cuts down on your costs or adds even more value to your solutions.

Some examples of products we have done include:

  • Helping small businesses keep the size of their Outlook inbox down without needing to keep deleting important sent emails or deleted items
  • We helped a travel agent by developing an automated way of creating custom itineraries for their clients
  • We developed automation to help school carnival track their volunteers
  • We built a website to help a cheerleading gym automate sending billing notices to their customers
  • We worked with a client who is a consultant to easily and quickly track time, expenses and mileage.

Many of these solutions are now in our product pipeline to be able to offer to other customers.

We try not to build things that are too big or that you can’t get what you need off the shelf.  We are are small company too and are focused on supporting what we make to make sure your business can keep benefiting.

How does this work?

We work with you to understand your problem and how we can help you.  We work with you to develop the features you need, how they should work and how we can build that. Together, we will both figure out those things you need right away and what we can build in later. We ask you to help us test it to make sure that it does what you need.

How much does it cost?

That depends on what you need, how long it takes, what we have to invest to get there, etc.  Once we understand your problem then we can give you the costs. The model we like to use is that we build a product we can sell to others as well. One of the costs of software is support once it’s built, to make sure it keeps working as expected.  Selling it to others gives us a cash flow to pay for that support and for enhancements, which is a savings we pass onto those customers who we worked with to originally build the product.

What if I don’t want you to sell it to others or it isn’t something that either of us expects can be sold to anyone else?

We will discuss this when we understand your needs better. We can do more of a professional services approach where we work with you to build what you need and then there is a recurring support cost that depends on how complicated it is and how much support we expect it will need.  We set all that up front.