Wastelessbiztime.com is a small business dedicated to helping other business owners find solutions to help them become more efficient.

None of us have enough time and anything that cuts into our valuable time takes away from sales, customer service and our friends and family.  We want to help you capture some of that time back.

Being a small business,  we know how important costs are to all of us.  That means we are looking for opportunities that are easy to support, reasonable to build and things we can sell again. That helps us keep our costs, which means your costs, down.

Some examples of work we have done include:

  • Helping small businesses keep the size of their Outlook inbox down without needing to keep deleting important sent emails or deleted items
  • We helped a travel agent by developing an automated way of creating custom itineraries for their clients
  • We developed automation to help school carnival track their volunteers
    We built a website to help a cheerleading gym automate sending billing notices to their customers
  • We worked with a client who is a consultant to easily and quickly track time, expenses and mileage

My background is in productivity and process improvement.  I love to work with small and medium businesses, helping them implement systems, processes and automation to help make them more efficient.  I try not to have any assumptions about what that means as I start the project.  Of course, there are best practices I have learned over time.  It might mean everything from small changes to what is done today all the way through to developing specialized software or processes.

Over the course of our time here, I hope to cover some of my learnings, perhaps looking at some of our projects or maybe things that you can teach me.  Hopefully, I can help you in your businesses in some small way, giving you back more time, more revenue or lower costs (or some mix of all three).  As small and medium business owners, our time is probably the most precious thing we have.  Many of us don’t have the resources or expertise we might like, or if we are willing to pay for that expertise, it means time or money away from our core business…or our families.  Time is money, but time is so much more for us. More time means everything to our businesses.

A small business can be wonderful in so many ways, but as small and medium businesses, or effectiveness and efficiency means more than just lower costs.  They mean that we have more time to do the things we love, like spending time with our family, serving our clients or developing products.  Our time can open up possibilities and opportunities and it is my aim to give some of that time back to you so that you can invest in the way that works best for you, your business and your personal life.

Quick…easy…affordable.  That’s our aim.  We want you to have time for your customers and not tracking.  Maybe even a bit of time for yourself.